Thursday, May 10, 2012

Spring Colors that Pop

This spring everything is about bright, eye-catching color.  Some of the most vivid hues we see in nature are being translated to everything from throw pillows to the runway. There are fresh, bright gem tones everywhere we look. 

The green of the spring vines in the Napa Valley is an inspiring and wonderful accent when you’re looking for something polished, yet fun.  It’s incredibly versatile and easily paired with another bold color or better yet, the muted tones, such as cream or slate grey.

                                                                            Double bed with pillows and floral duvet/Stop Images/
                                                                            the agency collection/Getty Images

Throughout my career fashion has always inspired my design style.  I covet being brave and bold with color choices, and this season we are seeing a barrage of color in magazines and on the runway.  These intense combinations can work harmoniously, but be sure they share a similar brightness, or it can come off the rails easily.

                                                                                               Young woman in dress made of ribbons/Image Source/Getty Images

If you’re not ready to take a big leap, but want to try experimenting with these eccentric hues, I suggest finding a single piece you can use as an accent.  It’s an easy and subtle way to incorporate a pop of color.

                                                            Winter Colors/Amateur photographer still learning/Flikr/Getty Images

                                                                          Bracelets/Flikr/Lemuel Montejo/Getty Images

One color that seems to be everywhere I look is Tangerine.  It’s surprisingly versatile and looks great used in a multitude of ways.  You can use it to accent a wall, cover an ottoman, or even go for a Tangerine manicure!  A favorite pairing of mine is bright orange and fuchsia, but if this is just too radical for you, the classic indigo is always stunning!

                                                                            High heels in a vending machine/Rubberball 
                                                                          Productions/the agency collection/Getty Images

Nature has always been another big inspiration for me.  I love waking up in the spring to observe the brightness of Napa’s blue skies, the fresh green of the vines, and the yellow butterflies everywhere.  Naturally, I’m a big fan of anything that brings the outdoors in.  I love these Spring Butterfly Pillows.  They look amazing in any room, or even in an outdoor seating area, such as a patio or porch.


Another look that’s trending this season is pairing classic and elegant elements with these vibrant hues.  It’s surprising how well this combination works with one another, creating an interesting tension and freshness.

                                                                                                          Lisa Holt design Group-

The feel of this years’ spring is to do it bright and fun!  Go bold, be daring and take some risks!  You may surprise yourself…

Have a vibrant May!

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