Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Quick peek...

Hotel Yountville, design by Lisa Holt

Here is a quick photo of a recent project...hot off the press! I love the lighting, warmth and romance that this pool scene sets up. This photo makes me want to be there, I want to order a drink and lounge on those chaises!

Creating outdoor "rooms" is a signature of mine, I feel it's always important to find a way to establish outdoor spaces to live into and enjoy.

 If you want book a room there, go ahead and jump in! www.hotelyountville.com


Sunday, May 29, 2011


Welcome to my musings... I hate the word "blog" 

I will be posting regularly about all that inspires me, my creative process, color concepts and trends, and all that I find to be beautiful, and, of course, inspirational

At least one post per month will be dedicated to the fantastic projects done by some of my favorite hospitality designers, in a section dubbed "Braggadocio." I'll be exploring their latest projects (posting plenty of gorgeous photos, of course) and we'll be waxing philosophical about the nature of inspiration. Sometimes we'll just be drinking some fantastic wine and discussing our favorite fabrics.

Here is some of my work at the renowned Hotel Yountville, where I was able to do a total redesign.  It just landed a spot on Conde' Nasts' 2011 Hot List!
Hotel Yountville, designed by Lisa Holt