Thursday, June 16, 2011

A "Born Again" Church...

Currently I'm working on a fabulous project....we're taking an old (1800's) church building, and converting it into a phenomenal residence!!!

The shot above shows the stripped down structure, how amazing are those windows, and the ceiling is....wait for it.....16 feet up there, and some of the original tin is still there!!!!!

Here's one of the "naves" which will be the dining area. We soda-blasted this amazing ceiling to bring back the texture and patterning, and then we've venetian plastered the walls above the wainscoting in this TO DIE FOR salmon with my favorite finishing artist, Caroline Lizarraga (!
 My favorite decorative painter (Caroline, the sassy redhead) and her all "babe" crew, glazing the main room's ceiling in a metallic glaze to bring back the life and interest in this simply amazing old tin...

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  1. nice exciting project...................:)