Monday, June 13, 2011

To Market

Markets are a such a spectacular display of color and texture...

I simply LOVE European markets, (but really, who doesn't?) and especially Italian markets. This is one of my favorites, Campo dei Fiori, in Rome, which has been there since the 1300's.  I simply adore how they combined the lavender with the pepperoncini...the color is amazing, they are so artistic that even their fruits and veggies look like artwork!

Another favorite market stand along the street...


  1. I loved the European market too, in this case I can say about the markets in the Netherlands where I lived for 6 years in the past. In general Eropean markets, not only always very clean but provide us with high quality, bunch of variety foods, vegetables and fishes. Lisa I love the colorful chilis and flowers in yr pics.

  2. Very interesting! I agree...the colors are so brilliant I just had to take a picture! Thanks for the comment!