Monday, July 4, 2011

Kudos! Mandarin Oriental Hotel Las Vegas / Adam Tihany Design

This is my first of a series I'm calling Kudos!, where I celebrate the work of other fantastic hospitality Designers. So often, when credit is being given for a new project, the architectural firm is mentioned. While good, (and important, I'll admit) it is truly the work the Interior Designers that comprises all the details and things that people love about staying in hotels. So thank you to all of you out there that never get (enough) credit for making travel such a delight for so many of us! 

I am in Las Vegas fairly regularly for business, and I'm never a particularly happy camper. I loathe the weather (always too cold, windy, or WAY too hot) and the hotel scene isn't much better. So I was pleasantly surprised to stay at the new Mandarin Oriental, designed by Adam Tihany, that had been open about 8 months when I stayed. It is located in the new complex called City Center, which is tricky to get to by cab, but once you're there, all is well with the world...

 It is delightfully similar to the wonderful one in New York, where you enter the tower at ground level, and then are whisked up to the lobby on the 23rd floor, overlooking City Center and the Strip. (Always a pleasanter view from a distance....) 

I LOVE this lobby wall, just as you enter from the elevators...Adam's work always feels slightly like fine jewelry to me...

This is the all-day dining restaurant, which is quite lovely and sophisticated. They've done a great job with the acoustics, which is so tricky with an open kitchen! It also does the room service, which was superb...

 I was here on this trip for the American Express Luxury Summit, so I spent a bit of time in their convention area, luxurious, but not too serious or stuffy, which makes it head and shoulders above other meeting spaces in Vegas.....

 I also always check out the Spa spaces, to see how well they tie into the overall feel of the property. This one, while handsome, was a little on the obscure side, feeling neither glamorous OR restful...they did do a great pedicure, tho.


Perfect example, this is the spa waiting room chair, which, while pretty, is just wound Way too tight to induce a relaxing experience...

They did a fantastic job on the rooms, however. Quite refined, with lots of fabulous details such as sliding panels separating the bath from the room, and the floating Capiz shell detail on the headboard...

I also loved the seductive use of obscured glass throughout, it does a great job of creating a sense of space in the guestroom.

The amenities presentation was a nod to the locale, of course...clever, tho, and well executed with great graphics.

My hat is off to Adam and his team, they have finally brought some serious sophistication to Las Vegas!
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