Saturday, August 27, 2011

Napa Style Facebook Event starring Lisa Holt - Q&A

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September 14, 2011, 10:10 am (pacific) live event page facebook Q&A!  Join Napa Style's facebook page to join the event.  RSVP here:

"NapaStyle Introduces Celebrating the Flavor of NapaStyle, A New Blog Offering Free Design Advice for Bringing Wine Country Living into Your Home.  Design expert and Wine Country resident, Lisa Holt, provides inspiration and practical advice for creating indoor and outdoor living spaces that express the casual elegance of the Napa Valley." Go to
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Monday, August 22, 2011

Kudos! The Brilliance of Pierre-Yves Rochon's new Peninsula, Shanghai

Another in my series of Kudos! to brilliant hospitality designers throughout the world...this week I'm celebrating Pierre-Yves Rochon's PYR offices for a truly magnificent job on this new and incredibly exciting Peninsula, located on the tip of the Bund, in China's most dynamic of cities... 

This beautiful shot I took at night, looking down the Bund from across the street from the hotel. The Peninsula is a magnificent Deco landmark building that blends seamlessly with all of this incredible mix of late 19th century architecture. I will talk soon about the superb job done by David Wells Beer, of BBG on the building, but today I'm focusing on the Guest Rooms, which are truly breathtaking.

Yes, the views are amazing, but it's the incredible attention to detail that truly sets this Peninsula fact, it stands apart from many five-star hotels throughout the world...

This gorgeous wall unit has a sliding panel that has a lovely painted panel that hides the (already invisible!) TV when not in use, and manages NOT to look awkward when closed.

Of course, in the land that excels in lacquer finishes, even the quality of this unit stands out, and I loved the tasteful way all of the often messy "mini-bar"details were handled. Even down to glassware with etching to continue the statement.

I loved the overall color scheme, the rich brown and blue is always a favorite of mine....and look at the calibre of work on this gorgeous throw pillow!

Peninsula's trademark welcome amenity, local fresh fruit presented with a simply divine china service, (as was all of the room service I ordered, of course!)

This is another favorite detail I love to use in my interiors, the cove lighting wrapping a always serves to lift the ceiling plane, and gives a lovely glow when all other room lights are low or off...and let's face it, we can all use some "indirect lighting" on occasion...

But what really is divine about the rooms are the bathrooms, and the dressing areas. These are simply beyond...To give you an idea of the level of luxurious detail, this set of sliding doors separates the actual guest room from the dressing and bath...lovely unto themselves. 

Gorgeous relief carved panels above the tub and toilet, and note the etched glass panel detail at the vanity apron, no less....and then there's the closet and dressing area! 

Note the marble floor with woolen carpet inset in the dressing area. There's even a wall mounted infrared nail polish dryer (just in case your manicure was rushed!)....this area of the guest room alone pushes this property into the six-star level, in my opinion. 

Kudos! to the teams that worked on this most exceptional of hotels, both from the Peninsula Group, and PYR, as it is no small feat to accomplish something this of this calibre.

I will be featuring the incredible public areas in another post, but if you'd like to see more right away, check it out at  You can also see more of PYR's exceptional projects at

And for all of you heading over to Venice for La Biennale, I will be talking about some must-see hotels and places next week, so stay tuned!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Spirit(s) live on in Bodie, CA State Historic Park

August is a time for almost everyone to be able to take a few days and enjoy the astounding riches of the U.S. Park System. The most famous of them, Yosemite, Yellowstone, etc. are known for their natural grandeur and the incredible power of nature to awe us. Recently, though, I stumbled upon a small park in the California Gold Country that has a different power to awe...the little "ghost" town of Bodie.

Like many of the California Gold Rush towns, there's not much left to Bodie, except a few buildings with remnants of the inhabitants that once lived and thrived there, but the texture and tooth of the buildings is captivating...

This was the largest of the homes in the town, owned by the local judge. I love the delicacy of the grayed wood fence still standing in front...

And of course, the town had a main "Hotel", which rented rooms out above the local saloon....I love the texture of this door!

Inside another wooden structure was the other saloon, with the bar and the rough floor still intact...

Yet another building's rooms were still covered with many layers of paper, some decorative, and some purely to help keep out the wind and cold of the winters in the Sierras. The textures they create are just fantastic!

I couldn't quite read the date on this edition, but apparently Bodie was inhabited from it's founding sometime in the 1860's through to the 1940's, when, like many Sierra towns, it was abandoned.

The texture of these two buildings together is magical, and I love the accent of the bucket and nail, (which, incidentally weren't used much, most joinery was done without the use of nails, as you can see below...)

Naturally, the Park historians have posted a little local lore (tales of gun battles and expected bawdiness) in what was left of the barber shop...

Bodie is a fascinating glimpse into a little gem of a park, and I find it wonderful that, through the park systems, we have managed to save both the grand and the delicate...

Coming next, is my review of the best (and the worst!) of another incredible set of parks, the Grand Tetons, in Jackson Hole, Wyoming...